Monday, 30 September 2013

.... aaaand we're back!

Yes, that's right my little Mincers, the Mince Pie Administration is back. I hope you have had a great year so far, and enjoyed the UK's glorious summer. However, that pie shaped hole in your heart is about to be stuffed once more as this years hunt for the best mince pie has begun.

As the various supermarkets and brands start rolling out their pies, we will be on hand to let you know whether its worth it. By starting in October, this gives us just under 3 months to track down our winner.

This year, we are going to be scoring the pies slightly differently. Last year, I was simply comparing them to other mince pies and slotting them in to various positions on the leader board where I sought fit. This year, we want to be a little fairer, so we will be scoring each mince pie out of 100 points.

Here is how the points will break down.
  • 10 points - Presentation
  • 10 points - Nutritional content & Price
  • 35 points - Pastry
  • 35 points - Mincemeat
  • 10 points - Satisfaction level
Each mince pie will be tasted by a panel of at least 3 people (including me) and an average score will be taken.

This will hopefully allow the various aspects of the pie to shine through even if other parts of the pie are not that great. The pastry and mincemeat are by far the most important and so will gain the most number of points. After all, we don't want a wonderfully looking mince pie that's really healthy to be at the top of the leader board when it's pastry and mincemeat are rubbish. Right?

Those that have the Great British Bake Off bug will have to keep their mince pies to themselves as, like last year, we will only be reviewing the mass produced pies that everyone can have. 

In addition, we've gone all high-tech and now have a twitter and facebook account! Follow us at @TheMincePieBlog or on facebook for the news on when the latest review drops and general mince pie related gossip! (twitter would not allow me to use "Admin" in our name as they think they are the only administration.. pff)

Are you ready?

... lets begin.