Welcome to

The Mince Pie Administration

This is a blog born out of my love of mince pies (between October and December!).

Every year for as long as I can remember I have reviewed mince pies personally in the run up to Christmas, selecting my favourite mince pie for Christmas day dessert with my family. Friends and my wider family are realising that my pie of the year is likely to be their favourite too.

I have therefore decided to share my thoughts on the mince pies out there to hopefully make everyone else's Christmas that little bit better.

I shall review as many pies as I can get my hands on. I am specifically going for the supermarket mince pie because if you read about a pie you might like here, you don't have to travel far to eat it.

There are many pies on the market today and it is highly likely that I won't be able to get through every pie available. I tend to like the deep filled pies more so that is where I will be concentrating. However, if I get my hands on the odd pastry mince pie or mini mince pie, you will see a review here.

Welcome to The Mince Pie Administration

I won't mince my words!