Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Krispy Kreme - Mince Pie Doughnut

Now, this isn't strictly a mince pie, it is most certainly a doughnut. But since we have heard a lot about this, we thought we had to give it a try and see what all the fuss was about in our first unofficial review!

Presentation - 8

I am liking the gold dusting on top and a the simply Christmas tree icing  squirted in a zig zag fasion. What you see in the picture below are two mince pies and one festive truffle doughnuts. I would have bought all three mince pie flavoured, but there were only two left!

In the usual Krispy Kreme style, they are large and look absolutely delicious!

Nutritional Content & Price - 5

Lets skip over the nutritional content. Let's face it. You're not eating doughnut for the health benefits. We're just going to assume that its probably quite high in all the bad stuff. But as my mother always says, everything in moderation is fine!

The best way to buy doughnuts is in bulk. The more you buy the better. I bought these in a box of three and paid £4.25. Considering you can get 10 doughnuts for £1 in Tesco, these are not great value for money, but don't forget, you are eating the king of all doughnuts, they deserve a higher price tag.

Pastry Dough - 35

Lovely and doughy. Nothing more, nothing less. This is your standard quality Krispy Kreme goodness!

Mincemeat - 30

This is what you were all waiting for right? It was definitely what I was waiting for. When I first heard of this mince pie doughnut, I thought there would actually be mincemeat in the middle. To some extent there is, but not in the form you would expect.

I often complain about mincemeat being too puréed - well, this is the king of purée. It is all liquid. but a tasty one none the less! It's tangy and sweet and has a good amount of cinnamon. A perfect doughnut filling.

In my doughnut, I found that the filling was not quite in the center, so it was a couple large bites, before I got to it. Typical. It's always in the last place you look!

Overall Satisfaction - 10

For a doughnut, this tops the leader board! I think if I ever need a break from the copius amounts of mince pies that surround me at this time of year, I shall be heading to my local Tesco or Krispy Kreme store and picking up these while they are around.

I know what you're all thinking, but unfortunately, I cannot put these on the actual leader board. It's just not a mince pie. A very good twist on a mince pie, but it strays a little too far away from a standard mince pie to warrant a comprehensive review. However, Krispy Kreme should be very pleased with what they have created. I certainly appreciate the mince pie love from Krispy Kreme this year! Keep it up!


88 / 100

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