Tuesday, 18 October 2016

2016 - Sainsburys Taste the Difference 6 All Butter Mince Pies

Sainsburys are up next. I'm going to say it from the start, its not going to be a pleasing mince pie review. Sainsburys have done it again...

Presentation - 1 / 10

I'm not even going to entertain this mince pie or even review it. Sainsburys have clearly done nothing. This mince pie hasn't changed since 2013, so those scores stand with some heavy deductions.

Its the same freaking box and mince pie. Nothing has changed.

See the other review below.


I'm not even going to bother taking more pictures, just use the ones from 2 years ago.

Nutritional Content & Price - 1 / 10

See review before here.. literally exactly the same (except I bought these on offer for £2, but £2.50 are their regular price).

Pastry - 27 / 35

See previous review here

Mincemeat - 10 / 35

See previous review here

Overall Satisfaction - 0 / 10

I gave Sainsburys a warning 2 years ago when their regular mince pie didn't change. I would have thought you'd have taken it on board? It's official, Sainsburys hate Christmas. What did Santa do to Mr J. Sainsbury for you to be so bitter and so hateful all these years later. Did he put you on the naughty list? Don't take it out on the mince pie. Come and talk to me, we can work out your mince pie hate.

  OVERALL SCORE - 39 / 100

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