Sunday, 6 November 2016

2016 - Waitrose Christmas - 6 All Butter Mince Pies

Following on from the success of Heston and Waitrose's partnership, lets see if Waitrose, when left to their own devices, can be equally as good, or whether they need some help to make a decent mince pie

Presentation - 7 / 10

I like it. Simple and understated while maintaining a happy Christmas look and fee.

As for the mince pies themselves, they look well baked, solid and....remarkably similar to Waitrose's shortcrust pastry...uh ohh.

Nutritional Content & Price - 5 / 10

Considering these are Waitrose and not even the budget Waitrose essentials mince pies, I'm pleased to report that these are just £1.70 for a box of 6.

On the other hand, these have 10g of fat, 21.2g of sugar and are 262 calories a mince pie, which is definitely on the high side from what we've seen this year.

Pastry - 22 / 35

Its not bad. I'm not nuts about it, but I'm also not about to spit it out. Its incredibly buttery (probably the reason why the fat content is so high) and not so sweet. In addition, we haven't got the same structural issues that have been present in Waitrose mince pies in previous years which is always good. 

Mincemeat - 15 / 35

This is where Waitrose need help. The filling is just a little bit odd. There is a strange taste to it which I just cannot put my finger on. I want to say it taste's a little burnt? Its probably a little too sweet for me as well, but on the other hand there is plenty of whole fruit and its not too puree-like.

Overall Satisfaction - 4 / 10

I'm not overly impressed with these. I can't quite tell if its the same recipe as previous Waitrose mince pies, but even if they have changed it, its not really for the better. I was expecting more from Waitrose...

OVERALL SCORE - 53 / 100

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