Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Co-Operative (Loved by us) 6 Deep Filled Mince Pies

So, the first mince pie of the year. It has been a very late start. If I could say what I've been up to, you'd understand why I've been lacking on the mince pie review front! Lets not waste any more time.
Ok - so it looks like I've been duped. I bought these thinking that these were new mince pies, but had I looked at my previous review, I would have noticed that only the box had changed and only slightly at that. But, I've bought them now, lets see if anything has changed inside.
Presentation - 6 / 10

Not bad (like the last review). I like the Christmas style packaging. It looks like they've stepped away from the non traditional Christmas colours and returned to safe ground with the red box.

Nutritional content and price - 6 / 10

Pretty good on price at only £1 for a box of 6 (reduced from £1.45 a box from my last review)

9.8g of fat, 20g of sugar and 263 calories. Its a good chunk more than previous, but not overly high when compared to other mince pies on the market.

Pastry - 23 / 35

Well cooked, large and holds together very well when bit into
. There is a good chunky pastry around which does get stuck in your teeth a little. Its still quite a sweet pastry which, with the mincemeat, does make it a sweeter mince pie.

Mincemeat - 26 / 35

A well filled mince pie (probably why the calorie intake it higher). Plenty of large juicy fruit in addition to the cinnamon, lemon and orange peel, make the flavours come out well. Definitely an improvement to last time.

Overall Satisfaction - 7 / 10

The increased calories and overly sweet taste does ruin it a little for me and the chances are i'll get a little sick of it after a few, and i speak from experience as i've just eaten 3 and don't fancy having any more of them. But all in all, this is not a bad mince pie.

OVERALL SCORE - 68 / 100

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