Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Tesco Finest - All Butter Pastry - 6 Deep Filled Mince Pies

I have been reviewing mince pies (on and off lately) for a number of years now. However, nobody has pointed out that I'm missing a Tesco's Finest mince pie review from the leaderboard! Does nobody eat them? Do people think they are not worth eating? Lets find out.

Presentation - 7 / 10

I have to say, this is not bad effort. I like the matt-like finish to the box and the window showing off the treats within. However, I'm not a fan of the colour theme. Yes they look like they contain a premium product (especially when sat next to Tesco's regular mince pies) but it does not look like very "Christmassy". These could be on the shelves all year round and not look out of place. I do like the holes on the mince pie. It adds a little colour to the pie, even if it is just black.

Nutritional content and price - 6 / 10

At £2 a box, they are not cheap, especially for Tesco - but they were on offer at the time of purchase at 2 for £3, which does make this more reasonable.

10.8g of fat, 16.7g of sugar and 259 calories a pie make this a standard mince pie stat, although a tad high on the fat content.

Pastry - 19 / 35
These are not small mince pies and it is clear there is a lot of pastry on it. You can see the thick pastry lid on the pie.
The pastry itself is evenly baked, but it has absorbed the moisture from the mincemeat inside, which meant that it becomes a tad stodgy in your mouth quickly. However, you get the all butter taste come through in spades almost has a shortbread taste. I found it a little sweet, maybe the sugar dusting on top wasn't needed.

Mincemeat - 20 / 35

These mince pies could be filled more. As the top of the mice pie widens quite a bit, there is plenty of room for more. The mincemeat itself is quite zesty. The orange and lemon peel are clearly present. While you cannot make out whole currents and sultana's they are there, just pureed. You can see plenty of small apple chunks too which may add to the zesty taste. These mince pies are meant to be made with Courvoisier VS Congnac, but I cannot really taste it. The only way i know its there is that it leaves that very slight warm sensation at the back of your throat from when you drink any whisky or cognac. Other than this the taste is very subtle, or I cant taste it anymore because I drink too much whisky!

Overall Satisfaction - 5 / 10

These are not bad pies, I just wasn't satisfied with them. They don't quite correspond to the premium label Tesco want to give them. These should be their regular mince pies.

OVERALL SCORE - 57 / 100

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