Sunday, 13 December 2015

Asda - Have a Classic Christmas - 6 Mince Pies

After reviewing the leader board in search of other brands' mince pies I noticed that we're missing Asda! Now, we have reviewed Asda mince pies before (using the previous scoring system), and we had a guest reviewer who really didn't mince their words when reviewing. Its my turn now.

Presentation - 3 / 10

I cant say i'm that impressed. Just a wholly red box with gold writing. They also make a bold claim that these are Santa's favourite! Regular readers of the blog will know that when I see a mince pie where the lid fits within the edges of the pie usually results in a very cheaply and poorly made pie. You can see a little mincemeat escaping on these which doesn't look great, especially when it's on every pie in the box.

Nutritional content and price - 7 / 10

At just 89p, these are some of the cheapest mince pies I've eaten. If these are good, then these are an absolute bargain.
The pie is quite small so with 9g of fat, 16g of sugar and 229 calories it feels a little high.

Pastry - 9 / 35
The pastry is quite poor. After my first bite, it became instant mulch in my mouth and the rest of the pie began sagging under its own weight. The pastry tastes artificial and appears to have absorbed all the moisture from the mincemeat.

Mincemeat - 12 / 35

Only slightly better than the pastry.... but only very slightly. It lacks any real taste. It's just mostly a cocktail of chemicals in puréed form with a sprinkling of a few raisins.

Overall Satisfaction - 1 / 10

I'm not surprised by this mince pie at all. You may not believe me, but I did come into this with an open mind and wanted Asda to have improved since the last review. But unfortunately, I've been presented with another pathetic, cheap disgrace of a mince pie. It's these sort of mince pies that put people off them in general.

OVERALL SCORE - 49 / 100

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