Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Spar - 6 Mince Pies

Now this is a treat. I was queuing at my local petrol garage to pay for my fuel oblivious to the fact that I was standing in a Spar. I just to happen to glance to my right and saw these. Without any hesitation at all, I picked these up immediately and paid for them. Lets see how these do amongst the rest on the leaderboard.

Presentation - 5 / 10

The design of the box isn't terrible, but it could be better. I like the glitter-like Christmas symbol filled band across the red part of the box, but other than this the rest is quite plain. If I'm not mistaken the font used is Arial? As for the pie itself, it doesn't quite look like the one on the box. The most obvious being the lack of sugar dusting. But then after all, what's on the box is just a "serving suggestion".

Nutritional content and price - 7 / 10

Usually, everything you buy in the petrol garage forecourt is highly overpriced, but I was relieved to find these at just £1 for 6. Great stuff.
The pie itself is not terrible on nutrition with 8.2g of fat, 18.8g of sugar and 244 calories.

Pastry - 20 / 35
There is a lot of pastry in these mince pies. You can't quite tell, but even the foil base looks like its bulging to fit everything inside. The shortcrust pastry is not bad, it could do with being a little sweeter and more buttery, but it has a good crumbly texture..

Mincemeat - 22 / 35

These mince pies could be filled more and this is another mince pie that is very zesty. This has quite the tang to it. The extra zest balances out the sweetness quite nicely. It does look like its quite puréed with only a few whole currents, which is a shame considering this is not a bad tasting filling.

Overall Satisfaction - 8 / 10

I'm quite surprised by these little beauts. While a little heavy on the pastry front, they are tasty mince pies and for a £1 a box, they are great value for money too. If you're a lover of pastry, you'll love these.

OVERALL SCORE - 62 / 100

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