Thursday, 29 September 2016

2016 - Mr Kipling - 6 Deep Filled Mince Pies

We're back and we thought to kick off this year's mince pie reviews with one we haven't reviewed for a couple of years. Mr Kipling; almost a British institution in itself, we're wondering whether they've kept up with the times.

Presentation - 7 / 10

I'm a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of Christmas related images on the box... oh who am I kidding, this is great! We've got everything from Santa stuck in a chimney to baubles and Christmas trees. A little dull, but i think they were going for the upmarket look.

The pies themselves are a little worse for wear. A little wrinkly and appear pale and undercooked.

Nutritional Content & Price - 7 / 10

I picked this box of 6 up for just £1. Great value, and this wasn't even an offer price. Recession beating prices here!

19.7g of Sugar, 8.2g of fat and 229 calories per pie. They are not the greatest for your waistline, but they're not the worst.

Pastry - 13 / 35

The first bite into my first mince pie went from excitement to questionable to disappointment. The pastry is bland, flavourless, and while appears crumbly to the touch, quickly turns to a paste in your mouth with the addition of a little saliva. Too much detail? Sorry, I have to be honest! A few more mins in the oven would have firmed this pie right up, but I guess if you follow the instructions on the box, you'd do that for them (maybe that's why these are cheaper than previous years?)

Mincemeat - 20 / 35

Now, I definitely lean towards the more stuffed mince pie, but I would say these are borderline "deep filled". The mincemeat is far from puree-like, as I believe it has been in previous years, as whole pieces of fruit are visible, but the mincemeat is a tad dry. On the positive side, it does taste quite nice. Lots of flavour- apples, sultanas, cinnamon and lemon, they all come through.

Overall Satisfaction - 6 / 10

Definitely let down by the pasty here. The paste-like pastry coupled with a dry-ish filling doesn't make this a satisfying mince pie, but it is a bearable one that for £1 for 6 can't be sniffed at. Not quite exceedingly good, more like just above par.

OVERALL SCORE - 53 / 100

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