Tuesday, 20 December 2016

2016 - Harrods - Christmas - Alcohol-free Cranberry and Clementine Mince Pies

Most likely my last review of the year, but time to end with a banger! Harrods are back to defend their top spot on our ultimate leader board of all time great mince pies. The mince pies are not quite the same; the addition of clementine to thier mincemeat means these need to be re-assessed.... for you of course.

Presentation - 5 / 10

Other than the word Christmas, there is no Christmas in sight here. Its all about Harrods. They've even dug out the old dot matrix printer to print an image of their iconic building in London. I don't even know what the red seal on the box even relates to, but along with the British racing green box, gives the impression that these have teleported from the 1960's - however, if that were actually true, these wouldn't be alcohol free!

Moving on to the mince pies, they are the same as I remember, perfectly round, completely identical to one another and a giant H emblazoned across them to remind your guests you're rich. 

Nutritional Content & Price - 4 / 10

These have gone up in price by £1 to a whopping £8.50 for a box of 6 - That's 1.42 a pie. But considering most regular high street coffee shops charge about the same for a single mince pie, maybe these are not so unreasonable.

Once again Harrods try to disguise their nutritional values per pie by only stating it per 100g. I've gone ahead and deciphered it for you all. These have 8.3g of fat, 28g of sugar and are 244 calories a mince pie. A little high on the sugar.

Pastry - 32 / 35

Fantastic pastry. A perfect even bake all around, no soggy base, structurally sound and a good crumbly texture. The pastry is practically all butter and I love it. The only negative is that compared the mincemeat, there does appear to be heavy on the pastry.
Mincemeat - 28 / 35

The one criticism I had in the last review was that the mincemeat was a little dry. Unfortunately, its still the same, in fact, probably more so this time around. I would have liked to have seen more filling to help even out the chunky pastry. Nevertheless, the mincemeat that we are given is very tasty. Nice whole pieces of currants and sultanas and good sprinkling of cranberries. The introduction of the clementine does give this a more citrus flavour which overpowers the cranberries and other flavours. I like it, but it may not be for everyone.

Overall Satisfaction - 7 / 10

I am definitely content after having these mince pies, but they are rich (in taste); I couldn't eat more than one on each sitting. I was expecting something more from them, but i'm still left with an excellent mince pie which I can see tasting even better heated up a little. If you're not a fan of a strong citrus taste then these might not be for you.

Get these Harrods mince pies here.
OVERALL SCORE - 76 / 100

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