Thursday, 13 November 2014

Morrisons Festive Mince Pies

Okay, so I've already done one from Morrison's but I saw this eye catching box and just couldn't resist. I love mince pies don't you know!
Presentation - 7 / 10

Not bad. I like the Christmas market style packaging. Although I'm not sure the same style flows into the box in the form of the home-made, imperfect pie; or whether this is just shoddy workmanship by a machine

Nutritional content and price - 8 / 10

Pretty good on price at only £1 for a box of 6. 

8.2g of fat, 14.6g of sugar and only 214 calories. These are good stats, but they are smaller pies so it could be deceptively healthier!

Pastry - 12 / 35

It's below average. Tastes rather bland and artificial. It is almost becomes a putty in your mouth as you chew it.

Mincemeat - 20 / 35

This is unusually quiet tasty for a £1 box. I was starting to think I should stay clear of pies where the edges of the mince pie surround the lid!
This is moist with large currents and sultanas. The only problems I have with it is that its too sweet, there is not enough of it and there are far too many ingredients listed on the back you wouldn't find in your household kitchen. A worrying concoction.

Overall Satisfaction - 7 / 10

Not a bad little pie even if the whole thing looks and tastes very much machine made. I would have expected with all those chemicals that the expiration date would be longer than a month!

OVERALL SCORE - 54 / 100

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