Saturday, 1 November 2014

Mr Kipling - Exceedingly Merry - 6 Mince Pies

Mr Kipling always seems to be one of the first mince pies of the season I try. Maybe I have high hopes for it, or it is just a good bench mark to start the season off with? Lets see how it fairs.

Presentation - 5 / 10

Bold red and white colours, almost clutter free design does give this a modern Christmas feel. A little odd positioning of the "two turtle dove" text, as initially I thought they were referring to the two mince pies pictured!

Inside the box was a different story. The mince pies had crumbled around the edges leaving pastry fragments all over the box. I think the fact that the mince pies look like they are touching each other inside the box doesn't help when being shipped around.

Nutritional Content & Price - 5 / 10

These were £1.90 for a box of 6 or £2 for two boxes. Naturally, I bought two boxes in case you were wondering. Paying the extra 10p for 6 more mince pies made this a decent buy for Mr Kipling pies. However, I didn't really want two boxes and so the price for one should have been £1.

Mr Kipling have done well on the nutrition front - usually notoriously high in sugar, these now contain 17.8g of sugar. In addition to 8.9g of fat and 226 calories, these are now slightly below the average pie stats.

Pastry - 19 / 35

Immediately after one bite, it was clear these did not have the structural integrity of a decent mince pie. It fell apart, all over my nice new table. While clearing up the crumbs, I noticed that I was still picking the pastry out from between my teeth. It was soft, too soft. There are some harder, crumbly areas, but these are round the edges and had mostly fallen off in the box prior to entering my mouth. 
Taste wise, these were not that bad. This is a plain, bog standard tasting pastry, suitable for all.

Mincemeat - 20 / 35

A definite improvement over last year. There is clearly more fruit visible, but still a lot of pureed mincemeat. Despite the drop in the amount of sugar used, I couldn't really taste much more than just sweetness. The ingredients list a whole load of tasty spices, such as coriander, caraway, fennel, nutmeg and cloves however I mostly got cinnamon.

Overall Satisfaction - 6 / 10

I won't lie, I didn't really have high hopes for this mince pie, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's no award winning pie, but It tastes alright and its score this year shows that it has improved a good amount. I won't be forcing down those extra 6 mince pies I was "encouraged" to buy.

OVERALL SCORE - 55 / 100

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