Saturday, 1 November 2014

Morrisons - Signature - All Butter Deep Filled Mince Pies

I thought I'd change things up this year and buy a mince pie from the Morrisons Signature range. I'm beginning to notice that many of the standard mince pies from the big supermarkets are all very similar. Lets see if their premium range is worth the extra pennies.
Presentation - 3 / 10

Looks more like the decoration theme you'd find at your office Christmas party than an actual Christmas celebration. I'm not saying that the office Christmas party is bad, but it's trying to be glitzy and glamorous, when actually it's a bit tacky and cheap. This is what this box reminds me of. When you have to say "The very best in quality and taste" you know you're trying to sell something for way more than it actually is. 

Nutritional Content & Price - 6 / 10

Most supermarkets these days use a traffic light system to quickly display nutritional values on their food. Green for good, and red for bad. While the Mr Kipling mince pies reviewed earlier had some green, these Morrisons ones are all amber and red. These have 258 calories, 22.2g of sugar and 9.7g of fat.

6 of these signature mince pies will set you back a wallet busting £1.79! For a supposedly premium set of mince pies these are quite cheap.

Pastry - 24 / 35

These are decent sized mince pies and they do also have a decent amount of pastry. It is well cooked all round and you can taste the butter. It doesn't fall apart after a bite despite it's slightly larger appearance. Not too sweet too.

Mincemeat - 23 / 35

This hits you square in the mouth. The brandy and port infusion is the first thing you taste. You are then introduced to a citrus taste, which is not all terrible. As you know I do like a little zesty taste to my mincemeat, so these went down well. I just hope I'm still sober after a few of these! Other than that I felt it was a tad on the dry side and that the mince pie was a little under-filled; but good effort.

Overall Satisfaction - 6 / 10

I'm pretty happy with these. I think Morrison's shouldn't sell them as a premium product, but as their regular standard mince pies. They would just need to cut down on the brandy and port. These are perfect for your office Christmas Party!

OVERALL SCORE - 62 / 100

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