Thursday, 6 November 2014

Sainsbury's - Christmas by Sainsbury's - 6 Deep Mince Pies

The moment I saw these on the shelves I know this was going to be a short review. So, lets not waste any more time than I have to.

Presentation - 0 / 10

Exactly the same as last year - See here. 

Due to their laziness in design or not placing enough importance on the humble mince pie, they get nothing for this.

Nutritional content & Price - 2 / 10

Last year; £1 a box. This year; £1.30 a box or 2 for £2. No noticeable change and they have the audacity to charge 30p more for a single box of 6!

Negligible change in the nutrition too. 10.5g of fat, 17.8g sugar and 259 calories a pie.

Pastry - 23 / 35

Same as last year - see here

Mincemeat - 15 / 35

Same as last year - see here

Overall Satisfaction - 0 / 10

Sorry Sainsbury's, I would be more understanding if you had the perfect mince pie, but it is far from it, and so to not place any effort into improving your recipe is a heinous crime here at the Administration. (In hindsight, I could have saved more time just using last year's pictures too...)

OVERALL SCORE - 40 / 100

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